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Igor Kolomiets, 19.06.2012

Gemibears on App Store!

Geminificent news! We just release Gemibears for iPhone and iPad, so there are one more cartoon:

And official trailer

Also we think that Lite versions are always boring, so we make Gemibears Mini — prequel for main version with completely different planets, levels, and Endless mode, which is not appearing in paid version of Gemibears.

And we run contest with real bears toys — first thousand players who collect all bears will receive real toys by mail. Just follow instructions in game after collecting all Gemibears and you can win real bear toy!

App Store Links:

GemibearsGemibears HD²Gemibears Mini | Gemibears Mini HD²

Igor Kolomiets, 07.06.2012

Gemibears Cartoons

We just release two cartoons with Gemibears!

Next one coming soon, as well as Gemibears game for iPhone and iPad.

Subscribe to GemibearsTV channel and check Gemi website.

Igor Kolomiets, 06.06.2012

Gemibears Sneak Peak

Igor Kolomiets, 21.09.2011

Happy Gemi

Happy Gemibears

Gemibears must bring happiness and tune you to positive mood, so we change their faces from these ʕ·ェ·ʔ to these ones ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ. By the way, closed beta-test is really close, so check our Facebook or Twitter for upcoming news.

Igor Kolomiets, 08.07.2011

Gemi Music

Gemibears test sample by pistongames

While we rendering animations, programming new game modes and fill bears with fruit-jelly sweets and sugar hearts, Luke Thomas writes soundtrack for Gemibears. Here is test sample.

Anton Gladkoborodov, 01.06.2011


Good news everyone!  Now we can reveal title of our next game — Gemibears. As you can see there are a lot of bear and it’s just small part of them. Now you can like Gemipage and follow Gemitwitter. Each day you can learn something new about Gemibears universe, so stay tuned.

Igor Kolomiets, 12.04.2011

Bear animation

Here we asked the Bear for some spin.

Anton Gladkoborodov, 24.03.2011

Bear Character

We have finally choose from great number of variants how will look the character for our new game. After experiments with the look, we decided to do handmade bears, so next step is modeling.

Igor Kolomiets, 02.03.2011

Character Sketch Part 2

Bear character design still in progress…

Igor Kolomiets, 14.02.2011

New game in progress

Like last time, we keep testing our ideas with improvised materials. Now we use dominoes. This gameplay test was successful, so stay tuned for news about our new project.

Stay Tuned!

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