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Igor Kolomiets, 25.05.2011

Games: #1 in Entertainment?

Last Sunday I and Alexis Bonte were at Life in Technology conference in Moscow and discuss why games take so important part in our life. The name of this lecture — “Games: #1 in Entertainment?” was just formal — of course they are. So we talk about games mechanics, types of monetization (Alexis sure that games must be totally free) and so on. You can take a look at our discussion on LINT homepage — just choose it from sidebar menu.

Anton Gladkoborodov, 25.02.2011

Time to play

Games are timekillers. Of course there are people who say that we can learn something from games. But this is bullshit. There are a lot of things we can learn, but skills acquired from games — it’s not a fact that we need them.

I have another question. Do you have a time, which should be killed? Is it fun to sit on the toilet and look at the door or tiles on wall? Do you like to look at people in subway or you reflection in the window? Or browse through old magazines in the line to the dentist?

I have a lot of time, which must be killed. All of these queues, traffic jams or any pointless waiting. I’d like to think that at this time I’m not just bored, and was actually doing something. Or more, I have fun. The game is in fact pure fun. Of course, you can read a book at this time, but it is fair competition for your time between book and game.

P.S. This is one of our prototypes on screenshots.

Igor Kolomiets, 05.10.2010

We don’t need any more developers

There are plenty of iOS programmers, but most of them think game development is some kind of part time work or just way to have salary while study. Sorry, but no. This is serious business! And yes, we are playing games all days for make our products better and better.

So, if you know Objective-C and really love puzzle games — write to igor.kuznetsov@piston-games.com If you know Cocos 2D — do it immediately!

Anton Gladkoborodov, 10.08.2009

M&M’s gameplay test


If you want save time and money while prototyping, you can buy M&M’s and try offline gameplay. Take at least 3 pieces! First packet we eat during test, so we have go to store for another one.


Stay Tuned!

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