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Igor Kolomiets, 07.12.2010

The Screetch for Free

In collaboration with Appvent Calendar our game The Screetch will be free from 8 till 11 of December. So this is a good opportunity to get the Screetch, if you have not already done it.

Igor Kolomiets, 28.10.2010

IGF: The Screetch

The Screetch now is entrant of the thirteenth annual Independent Games Festival Main Competition!

Igor Kolomiets, 14.10.2010

The Screetch with Retina Display Support

You asked for it — we made it! Now all iPhone 4 owners can not only set hi-res wallpapers, but download new update of The Screetch and enjoy Retina Display graphics!

Igor Kolomiets, 01.10.2010

The Screetch 1.1

New shining version of The Screetch finally in AppStore!

We add Game Center support and new functional for inviting friends and share your score via Facebook and Twitter. Next great update almost done, wait a little for Retina Display graphics!

Igor Kolomiets, 08.09.2010

The Screetch first update


New shining version of The Screetch will be in AppStore soon. Now update is waiting for review, so stay tuned.

Igor Kolomiets, 10.08.2010

Adding black to the colour match party

It’s time to show you list of reviews that was published around the web. Critics likes The Screetch!


The Screetch is a great game with a funny name.

TUAW’s Daily App Choice

Adding black to the colour match party

PocketGamer Hands on

I guarantee that if they (developers) simply let gamers know what’s going on with The Screetch, they would definitely have a popular hit.

GameZebo Predictions

The Screetch is an original kind of game. You will notice it from the very first moment you tap on the app icon and you go to the menu.

TouchGen Review

The Screetch is a well designed and beautiful game. The art style is interesting and unique. The gameplay makes you feel like you’re not playing just another match three game. The care and polish that went into this game shows on every screen.

PlatformNation about The Screetch

A new addicting game for the masses on iPhone and iPod Touch! This is a bubble blasting puzzle like game that can keep you busy for hours and hours. Capture all you can with this great game from Piston Games.

AppModo Impressions

The Screetch was a pleasant little surprise. … the use of the screetch as a timer of sorts is a nice little twist that makes the game interesting enough to stick with.

iPhoneLife examine The Screetch

Sometimes an old puzzle game just needs a new twist. If you want to play an old favorite in a new way, then consider giving The Screetch a try.

iPhone Appidemic by AppleTell

All remaindered reviews, hands on and impressions about The Screetch (from other counties, for example) you can find on our delicious page.

Igor Kolomiets, 06.08.2010

The Screetch Wallpapers for iPhone

Some players asked for them, so there are four screetchy wallpapers for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone 4. Enjoy!

iPhone 4
iPhone 4
iPhone 4
iPhone 4

Igor Kolomiets, 04.08.2010

Perhaps BP could learn something from this game?*

No comments.
*Post title by Lord Gek.

Igor Kolomiets, 02.08.2010

The Screetch: players impressions


The Screetch in AppStore about ten days and we have a lot of positive impressions from players around the AppStore, forums and by mail. There are some of them:

…this has got too have some of the best graphics for this type of game and great gameplay as well this could be a bit of a hidden gem.


Graphics are really impressive. iPhone games bring closer to PSP. It’s not another match3 clone. It’s like Drop7 match3. Highly strategic puzzler. Great game! 5/5


I’m really glad that purchase this game, cause it not another match3 bejeweled-like clone and on the other hand it’s fun and challenging game.


Perhaps BP could learn something from this game? …the whole concept of fighting against the ever encroaching goo is really fun and at times pretty tense as well!

Lord Gek

Fab game – think Drop 7 with colours instead of numbers and you’ve got the idea. Gorgeous to look at, great sound and very addictive. It truly is a gem not to be missed!

Short Ar*e

The game is fantastic. Once you get into it’s intricacies, it opens up into a highly strategic puzzler. Not only will you have to plan for color placement, but also on the progress of the Screetch on a piece-by-piece level. The better you are, the deeper the game is. Graphics are sharp and beautifully animated, while the large array of lush backgrounds satisfy. Sound and music design are appropriate and enjoyable.


Regarding the gameplay the video says it all and, in resume, it is as simple as engaging. But graphics + animations are really impressive. In addition, the user interface shares the same artwork goodness. It can resume and App fast switching works properly. A great casual game! 5/5


A new twist, on an already existing genre… If your looking for a fun experience, with beautiful graphics & amazing music, i highly suggest you check out The Screetch.


Thank you guys, we really glad that you love The Screetch so much!

Igor Kolomiets, 22.07.2010

The Screetch is out!

Good news everyone! The Screetch available in Apple AppStore.

Enjoy the launch trailer.

And here’s a few rich screenshots inside.

Stay Tuned!

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